Saturday, October 1, 2011

You've Got A Baby! In A Bar...

Anyone remember Reese Witherspoon saying that in Sweet Home Alabama??  That was my first thought when we took Hannah to a benefit today.  It was for a six year old sweet little boy with leukemia and it was at a sports bar & grill where there were kids everywhere but it just made me laugh that Hannah was in the place that we've gone to on several occasions to drink brewskis and watch football.   

We watched the Aggies lose to Arkansas :(
Pops feeding Miss Hannah after she decided to wake up and join the party.  She was pretty popular there too!

Trying for a family pic, seven week old babies don't like to look at the camera for some reason. ;)

Hannah in her Gig 'Em ruffle bottoms 

This isn't a very good quality picture because it's from my phone but I just thought she looked so cute wearing her new Aggie bow from the Ostermann's!


Stephanie said...

Haha, we took Chloe to a bar (and grill) about 3 weeks ago for a friend's going away party and I felt SO awkward! Luckily it was early enough in the evening I don't think people thought anything of it. She looks adorable by the way!

Lindsey Smith said...

Love seeing her in her Ruffle Bottoms :) And the bow is just perfect!! Hope y'all are doing well! Let's plan dinner soon, k?