Friday, January 11, 2013

17 Months Old!

Hannah Lee you are 17 months old today!!  I can't believe we are only one month away from you being 1.5 years old!  It is more obvious every single day that you are becoming a little girl instead of that baby we've been in love with for so long.  If it's even possible, we're more in love with you now!  I saw a picture of you yesterday that was from about a year ago and it made me so sad, I can't believe the baby stage is over!  You look SO much bigger now!  This month we've watch you grow so much, both in physical size and developmentally. 

One thing is clear to us, you are SILLY!!  I LOVE it!  You are such a silly girl, just making us laugh every day.  Not only are you silly but you are super smart!  I'm not only saying that because you're my baby girl, I really think you are smart.  So do your teachers.  Lately almost everyday when I go visit you or when I'm picking you up they tell me what you did that day that they were impressed with.  You are really increasing your vocabulary in a huge way.  I'm so amazed at how quickly you learn words.  You will repeat just about anything we say, you can repeat all your ABCs when we say them, you say several two word phrases now (mama sleeping, change diaper, Hannah eat, baby crying for example) and you know words that we've never worked on with you before, you just pay attention.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but you call Brody "Ro Ro", it's so cute.  So, now he's got one more name added to the list of names we call him, poor guy.  You have a fantastic memory it seems!  You remember people's names so well, that is NOT something you got from your Mommy!  We will tell you a baby or kids name when you meet them and you can see a picture of them a week or more later and just point and say their name without us even asking you.  You also have eyes like a hawk, you can see a picture from across the room and point and say whatever it is.  Half the time I'm looking around trying to figure out what you're talking about and then I'll finally see it.  You really can spot pics of your Daddy.  You also are really good at saying the possessive form, you will point at my cup and say "Momma's cup" or point at your cup and say "Hannah's cup".  You also know a few letters by sight now, specifically H and A because Daddy spells your name on the wall in your room every morning.  I was so impressed the other day when I was wearing a necklace with a tiny H on it and you pointed and said "H!".

Such a big girl!

You love to dance and do it anytime you hear music.  It's the cutest little sway back and forth and bounce.  It makes me laugh.

You wear size 18-24 month clothes, I could still put you in smaller clothes but I like you to have some room.  Plus, you're pretty tall so they look short.  You wear a size 5W shoe and size 4 diaper.  After this box of night time diapers is gone I'm moving you up to size 5 because you are just filling those every night!  It's probably because of the amount of wa wa (water) you drink at night.  You have 16 teeth!  Almost an entire mouth full!  You are about 26 lbs and 31.5" tall.  Big girl!

I had so much fun watching you last weekend actually play together with another kid.  Lina came over to play and the two of you were so cute together, you would play with the same toy but next to each other, not necessarily with each other but you followed each other around.  You also kept hugging which was the sweetest thing ever.  I think y'all are going to be best friends like your mommies! 

You really love your babies more than ever this month.  It is so sweet to watch you be such a good mommy to them.  You give your baby her bottle, put her in the grocery cart and push her around the house like I do with you at the store, you hug and kiss her.  It is just so so sweet.  You are all about Mr Lamb too this month.  You've always loved on him in your monthly pics but this month you want to take him around the house, put him in your bed and just sit while holding him.  Sometimes we have to remind you to be gentle with your babies but when we do you always give them a hug. 

Lovin' on Mr Lamb

You also had a milestone with Mommy last weekend, we watched almost an entire movie together! You don't really pay much attention to TV which is good but sometimes Mommy really wishes you liked shows more when I'm cooking dinner. I put your chair in the living room and turned on Brave and I sat on the floor next to you expecting you to sit still for 10 mins max. You watched for an entire hour!! You were really into it too, laughing randomly at parts that weren't obviously funny but something was funny about it to you. You kept pointing and saying "horse!" everytime the horse was on the screen. You loved it and I loved enjoying it with you. Mr. Lamb watched the entire thing with us as well. 

Speaking of TV, the only thing you watch consistently is BabyEinstein.  I put that on every afternoon in your playroom and you sometimes watch it or it's just playing the music in the background while you run around.  Well, you obviously pay attention because you know so many signs and words that we've never worked on with you!  You said "computer" clear as day to your Daddy last night right before they showed a computer on the screen.  So, you've pretty much memorized the order of the objects on the screen and like to sign/say them before they do. 

You are such a sweet little girl Hannah but you've definitely started showing us your temper when you don't get your way.  If I take something away from you, you will whine and throw yourself on the ground.  We just ignore you and you get up and go on about your day.  You also know you aren't allowed to hit anyone because that's not nice so when I get onto you about something you will look straight at me and hit the wall/table/floor.  You are already pushing buttons!  Along with your spunky spirit is a sweet tender hearted little girl.  You've seen Mommy sad a few times recently and you knew right away how to make my heart happy instantly.  When you see someone sad you look so concerned and walk right over and hug them.  You are just the sweetest little girl and I love that about you.

This is the new face you make.  It's pretty much the exact opposite of the face you were making for a few months recently.  Instead of your eyes getting huge and opening your mouth wide, you're almost closing both your eyes and mouth.  You are so funny.

You are also hitting some other big milestones this month!  We are currently halfway through the process of getting rid of the paci!  You've mastered the night time, you haven't missed it for a second it seems but this next week we're going to get rid of it during naptime.  I'm happy that we've only given it to you when you're either in your crib or carseat so I'm hoping that it isn't too hard to get rid of but you really love it when you have it.  Another milestone is we've introduced potty training!  You actually initiated that by showing such a big interest in it when others go potty and by telling us and your teachers when you go poo poo.  We're very loosely introducing it now because honestly, I don't know if I'm ready for the full blown potty training experience but every night before bath time you want to sit on the potty.  The first night we tried was a success!  We were SO surprised and proud of you!  Every night since then you just sit there and nothing happens but we're just letting it happen naturally and not pushing it for now. 

Eyes closed!

Hannah Lee, Mommy and Daddy love you sooooo much!  You are the greatest gift we've ever been given and we are so thankful every single day that we have you!  Please slow down on this growing up thing.  Thanks.


Stephanie said...

She is one smart cookie! I can't wait for Chloe to start saying words like that. I think it will be such a shock that she's actually a little person that can communicate with us! Haha! Hannah does seem like such a funny, sweet girl. Good luck with losing the paci and potty training!

Ivy said...

I can't believe what a big girl she is now! She reminds me alot of spunky Miss Paisley with the falling on the floor tantrums and the holding my gaze and doing whatever I told her not to do...sometimes it's so hard not to laugh! Sweet, sweet girl!