Thursday, January 10, 2013


New Years Eve day was spent at home with just me and my munchkin while Austin was at work.  We had so much fun playing all morning and then I was busy in the kitchen making food for that night while Hannah napped.  She was a tired girl!

For some reason she woke up too early from her nap and I went back into her room to put her back to sleep.  Once I was back in the kitchen for about 20 mins I looked at the monitor and I saw this.  Haha!  WHAT is she doing?!  She stood there like that, with her blanket over her head for about five minutes.  She's so silly.  I texted Liz this picture and said she reminded me of the blair witch movie just standing there for so long not moving.  She said she must have gotten her holidays mixed up and thought it was Halloween instead of New Years.  Haha!

When I went it to get her from her "nap" this is how I was greeted.  She's such a happy silly girl!

That evening we rang in 2013 the same way we did 2012, at Tracy and Ryan's house with our friends and kiddos.  It was a fun night!  I never realized as much of a difference between little boys and little girls as I did that night, WOW!  They are clearly very different, but they play SO differently! 

Here is a picture of the girls playroom after round one with all the kids went through.

Hannah and Leah had so much fun playing in the ball pit!

I wanted a picture with my sweet girl.  This is how she chose to pose.  Nice.

Seriously Hannah, get after it. Ha!

Haley making her cheese face at her mommy.

Ryan VERY excited about his "attitude adjustment" fireworks.  They were pretty cool!

After the little girls went to sleep, Leah hung out with the boys and watched a movie.  As you can see from the boys mouths, there were a few red popsicles involved earlier in the evening...

We had a fun night, stayed up WAY too late and spent all new years day laying around doing nothing.  It was great!  Here's to a great 2013!

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Stephanie said...

Chloe covers herself with her blanket too! It cracks me up watching her on the monitor, she will just sit there like that forever. She's even started doing it in the car - I look back in the mirror and all I see is pink blanket. Too funny! Love the pic of you and Hannah, silly girl. :)