Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Day

I'm almost done recapping Christmas!  We had a LOT of celebrations so I'll put Christmas morning at our house and Christmas day with the family at my parents house together for the post.

Christmas morning Austin and I woke up and made breakfast while we waited on Sleeping Beauty to wake up.  After she woke up, we told her to come see what Santa brought her!  I have a great video of when she saw all her toys.  She pointed and said "car!" and ran over to it all.

So excited and pointing at her new stuff!  Santa brought her a car, puzzles, movies, books, art supplies, a height measuring stick for her wall and a few other goodies in her stocking.  Lucky girl!  Santa might have brought a few too many things for Hannah and he may have told Mommy to save a few other things for the Easter bunny.  Especially since Mommy and Daddy had wrapped a few other presents for under the tree....  Santa Mrs. Claus needs to learn some control!  ;)

Checking out her new car 

Ok, you can just push it if you want! 

That's an interesting way to get in Hannah..... 

Mr B got presents from Santa too! 

Taking her car for a spin 

Aaaaannnnd 10 mins later she's back to playing with her old toys.  Nice.  Haha. 

A few hours later we headed over to my parents house.  We were surprised when we arrived to no electricity!  We were having a pretty bad rain/wind storm that morning and it knocked out the power to a lot of areas and their house was included.  Luckily it only lasted a few hours and it felt nice with the windows open so we opened presents in the natural light!  

The house all pretty with no lights and LOTS of presents! 

Aunt Tracy, Haley and Hannah checking out Hannah's present from Lainey and Pops 

At first I ran through this picture thinking it was just Hannah watching Leah open a present and then I cracked up when I noticed Haley in the background making her silly "cheeese" face.  So silly!

Hannah helping Leah open presents.  Hannah's pretty good at stealing bows... 

Hannah was so excited about her teepee from Aunt Tracy, Uncle Ryan, Leah and Haley! 

I love her excitement in this picture! 

Funny girl.  She likes to take her bow off these days and put it back on herself. 

Haley passing out unwrapped boxes 

Lights are back on!  Hannah and Mommy 

Pops making a HUGE prime rib!  It was YUMMY!! 

Hannah and Pops hanging out 

I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I hoped to but I was pretty busy keeping up with Miss Thang and helping her open all her loot.  It was a great day spent together!


Stephanie said...

Mmm, prime rib is often our go-to meal when we have family over for the holidays too. Glad the power outage wasn't too big of a pain for you guys. Here it would have been too cold to go on without. Love all the pictures of your sweet, funny girl!

Lindsey said...

Tell your Dad that Prime rib looks phenomenal! I'll take one for my birthday ;-) We didn't have power all day either. Luckily we were in route back to town so we missed most of the no-electricity excitment.