Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas - The Valley

The weekend before Christmas we headed down to the Valley to spend time with the Townsend side of the family.  It was a fast but fun three days!  We flew again this year and luckily it was VERY different than last year!!  No SIX hour delay of the flight, just smooth sailing the whole way!  We planned our flights this year around eating/napping so we took off right before lunch and landed by lunchtime (it's a really short flight). 

Here she was "helping" Mommy pack for the trip that morning.

Hannah was very busy at the airport! 

Checking everyone out as we waited on the flight. 

Reading our boarding passes.  She wanted to make sure we were on the right flight! 

She did great the entire flight, she just ate more snacks than she's ever had and read lots of books and watched Minnie on the iPad.  She kept saying "mouse!  mouse!" and pointing when she'd see Minnie.  :)

Hannah happy with her Papa and CiCi!

Wearing Papa's socks before bed.  She loves putting on other people's socks/shoes.  Apparently she also loves wearing a koozie as an arm band too....

Friday morning after breakfast she and Papa did some reading at the condo. 

This was so cute, she was immitating everything Papa C was doing. 

That afternoon Austin and I headed to the movies, a rare treat!  We saw The Hobbit in 3D.  You can guess who's request that was....  Longest.  Movie.  EVER. 

After we got back from the movies and Miss Thang was up from her nap we headed back over to G&G's house for dinner.

Hannah and Grandma playing the piano.  Hannah LOVED it! 


Here she is feeding the baby doll.  It was so cute, she's such a good little Mommy.  She took that doll everywhere all weekend long. 

"Wearing" CiCi's earring like a big girl.  You have a few years to go on that one sweetie....

Hannah loved Bob!  She would just walk up to him and chat and want to sit in his lap, it was cute. 

Wearing Bob's glasses 

Rachel, Dean and the kids got in town Friday night and met us over there.
Rachel and CiCi 

Hannah in her adorable Santa jammies! 

Saturday morning back at the condo we celebrated our family Christmas.  The kids got TONS of stuff!
Beckett, Hannah and Sayge.  They were so sweet with Hannah! 

Hannah just playing with the kids like she's there age. 

Aunt Rachel and Dean got her this four wheeler for Christmas!  She looks like she's about to do something naughty here.... 

Taking a ride with her new bear from the kids! 

I made this for Mark and Cindy for Christmas.  It's maps of where they met, married and live with the hearts on the exact location.

Hannah was super excited about the cabinet Daddy made for CiCi and Papa C

He did such a great job!

After opening presents it was play time at the condo!

Her faces are so funny.  I wish I knew what she was thinking here.

Pretty girl

We headed to lunch after playing.  Little cutie wearing Dean's hat.  She loves hats!

After lunch it was nap time and then getting ready for the Townsend Christmas festivities!

CiCi and Hannah

Hannah with the Berger kiddos

We headed to Greg's house and Hannah had a blast running all over the back yard!  We made her slow down long enough to take a family picture.

Running around in a poofy dress was pretty interesting for Hannah.  Every now and then she would just look down at her feet.

Beckett being sweet talking to Hannah.  :)

Silly face

Family picture at G&G's house

The next morning we headed home.  She played so hard with Papa C that she PASSED OUT on the plane!  She slept the entire time and then even when we were getting off the plane.  

Sleepy girl right before take off.

So sweet touching her Daddy's arm


She looks SO big here!  :(

Still passed out...

We had a great time!  Next up, Christmas Eve!


Stephanie said...

I didn't even notice the koozie in that one picture until you mentioned it. She's such a funny girl! Sounds like you all definitely had a fun-filled Christmas down in the Valley!

etphonehome21 said...

Love it all and still can't believe we missed it. :( That pic of their hands on the piano is great.