Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Pictures 2012

 Back in November, Austin, Hannah and I took family pictures with our AMAZING neighbor and I just realized I never posted them on here.  I feel SO lucky to have a neighbor who is this talented and willing to be so nice to take pics of us whenever we want.  :)  

We headed out one morning to the pond near our house and just walked around with our little munchkin while Amy took pictures.

I love how Hannah is playing with her hands here while we laughed. 

I love all the sweet moments Amy captured! 

Happy girl  :) 

Our little cutie 

She is such a HAM!  She's never been one to shy away from a camera. 

Pointing at Daddy, her favorite guy! 

So cute, just looking at Daddy.  Yeah....she's pretty much in love!  The feeling is 100% mutual, he'll do probably anything she asks.  ;) 

Me and my girl 

Our little family 

I think she is just so pretty 

Like I said, she is a HAM!  She laid down on this blanket we had set down and just started posing.  It was SOOOOO cute! 

One of my favorite pictures of the day.  She looks like such an angel here.  99.9% of the time she is a little angel.  ;) 


Once she was done posing she decided to drag the blanket around the field.  Typical Hannah.

Clearly, she was having a great time! 

So much fun!

Such a lady, even crossing her legs while she's being swung in the air!   

Sweet moment with Daddy 

Love my family! 


After we took family pics I changed Hannah into her Santa outfit.  This was the easiest outfit ever, I had everything except the Santa hat and tutu.  Thanks Elizabeth for the jean jacket!  I bought the hat and made the tutu in less than an hour.  

Get ready for cuteness overload!



Her skirt cracks me up here, this is just SO Hannah.  She had managed to pull the front of her skirt down and the back was all scrunched up and she just kept on going with her exploring adventure. 

My FAVORITE picture!!  I absolutely LOVE this picture of her with her teddy bear and I'm pretty sure every Christmas for the rest of my life I will have this picture displayed.  I want to always remember this stage!  This is such a great example of Hannah, running around while holding her teddy bear tight, giving it lots of love. 

She is just so so sweet! 

Just hanging out on the ground with her bear 


Check out her "Santa belly"!  Haha!  

She had so much fun running around! 

Sweet girl 


I'm so happy with all the pictures and can't wait to do it again!


Stephanie said...

Ok, at first I was going to comment on the few that were my favorites, but as I kept going and looking at more, they are ALL my favorites!! She is beautiful Kelly!

Chani said...

Sooooo pretty!!! Love all of them!