Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve

Once we got back into town we had another Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve.  The past few months were tough ones for our family and we all knew Christmas Eve would be no exception.  It's the first holiday without Uncle Jeff and we all missed him so much but we got through it.  We got together at Jeff and Janet's house like we always do on Christmas Eve.

Hannah got to wear her pretty Christmas dress again.  :)

Checking out Aunt Janet's pretty tree

Giving kisses!

Me and my sweet girl

She LOVES her Pops!

Haley making her silly CHEEEESE face!  So cute.

Cousins.  Hannah's lips are hilarious here.

Checking each other out

Aunt K with little Leah bug

Leah putting Hannah's baby in the corner (yet still feeding her a bottle).  I asked her why.  She said she was talking too much.  Ha!  Get used to it girl! ;)

Leah Shay and Tracy

Lainey with her girls.  This was the best picture I could get.  Silly girls.

I like how they're all doing the same thing with their mouths here.  Funny.

Mary got to join us for Christmas this year!
Gabou with her girls

Family pic


Silly Hales

Hannah carrying around the bag her present came in.  She and Haley both have a slight bag obsession.

Uncle Ryan and Hannah

Pops was tickling each girl and they would laugh and squeal and then it was the next ones turn and repeat.  It was an entertaining 10 minutes! 

Aunt Janet, Ross and Emily

Standing in line to get tickled again

Yeah, she doesn't look ANYTHING like her Daddy....  ;)

Lainey dancing with the girls

Checking out Ross

The girls in their matching jammies from Lainey!

Mommy, no more pictures!

So cute, the girls were looking for Santa outside!

Haley spotted him!

They were looking pretty hard


It was nice to get to spend the evening together.  Next up, Christmas Day!

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I love matching jammies!!!