Thursday, January 31, 2013


About a month ago Hannah had a big first at our house!  I briefly mentioned it in her monthly post but I forgot to post the pictures here.  One Saturday morning while Daddy was out I decided to try something new and put the movie Brave on.  Hannah is not big on tv, which I think is a blessing and a curse.  As much as I'd loooove her to sit still for a little while when I'm busy doing various things and watch a show, we don't want her to be the kid that spends all day in front of the tv so other than Baby Einstein she doesn't know much about the tv so I wasn't sure how this would go.  I was VERY surprised when she not only watched for an ENTIRE HOUR but really paid attention and enjoyed it!

Right off the bat she was intrigued by the little red headed girl in the castle....

"Hannah, let's take a picture of us watching your first movie together!"
Yeah.... she really cared about that...  ;) 

Concentrating.  There was lots of exciting things going on for her to pay attention to!

I think this was about when the horses appeared.  She kept pointing at the tv and then yell at me "harss!" 

I told her to come into the kitchen for a snack and she couldn't even take her eyes off the tv! 

After snack time it was back in front of the tv, but this time she needed to be real close 

She made it almost to the very end!  I was so surprised and enjoyed every moment of just sitting down and watching Hannah's first movie with her. :)

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Chani said...

A-dorable!! I love how she's holding her little lamb so tight while watching her movie! How cute!! :-)