Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas - Waco

This is my last Christmas post!  The weekend after Christmas we headed up to Waco to celebrate the holiday with Austin's mom's side of the family. 

Hannah was so excited to see her CiCi!

After playing piano down in the valley with GG Townsend Hannah has found a new love for pianos/organs!

Playing a little music for us.  She had no idea that since she was standing on the pedals we were getting a little extra music.

All the great grandkids minus baby Ford.  Hannah and Emory are WAY outnumbered by all the boys!

All the kids are still smiling/looking in the general area of the cameras and Hannah is already tearing into her present.  Ha!  Nice.

The fam!

We had a great weekend celebrating with the family! 

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Steve-n-Angela said...

Ya'll are some world travelers for the holidays! I love what a trooper Hannah kids would be nuts!