Thursday, April 18, 2013

20 Months Old!

20 months old?!?!  I still can't believe it!  How is my sweet little baby girl already 20 months old?!  Hannah, you are growing WAY too fast for your Mommy and Daddy! 

Here's what you've been up to this month:

You are running everywhere! Your run is one of the cutest things I've ever seen, it is just so funny to watch. You kind of look like a football player running with your knees up in the air. 

You are SOOO chatty! You talk nonstop and you have the sweetest voice ever. It is so girly and sweet sounding. Your Daddy loves when you say "hi" because it is just seriously, the sweetest sound ever. You talk in short sentences now, you also ask questions. "Where Daddy go?" and raise your arms up to your shoulders and look around or you'll say "Mama, where ARE youuu?" You've also said "Ro Ro (Brody) walk AWAY! Walk AWAY Ro Ro!" I wondered why you kept saying that and then when I was visiting your class one day I heard your teacher say "walk away" to one of your friends. But she said it in a much nicer tone than you said to B....  You now say it daily to Mommy and Daddy.  Nice.  You have no idea what it really means though because you pointed to your nose and told it to walk away last night, so I'm not taking it personally that you want me to walk away.  ;)

Your teachers always comment on how good you are at remembering peoples names and how well you pronounce them.  You really have a good memory it seems and your vocabulary is off the charts for your age!  You can count to 10 on your own and can go to 15 if we help you along.  You are getting good at saying your ABCs too.  You are so smart.  Last night someone was crying on tv and you pointed at her and said "sad".  You are so sweet. 

You are just SO silly!  You love to dance and it's super cute.  You usually will dance with your feet not moving but you sway your hips side to side.  And then there is your hopping move.  You dance while hopping, it's hilarious. 

You love to give hugs!  You will RUN up to me and hit me full force to give me a hug.  I LOVE IT!!!  You are so affectionate too, I'll say I love you and you'll respond "I love YOU Mama!" 

You are learning so much.  I sneezed the other day and you surprised me by saying "Bless you Mama" right away.  If I hand you something you say "Thank you Mama".  Such a sweetie. 

You are such a big girl!!  I was looking up your 18 month stats and you are over an inch taller but only 3 oz more in weight!  So, you're really getting tall and thinning out.  Not that you were ever chunky, you've never had rolls but you are SOLID!

Your stats for this month:
Weight: 26lbs 4oz (65%)
Head: 19.2" (93%)
Height: 33.75" (84%)

You wear a size 4 diaper and size 5 night time diaper.  You wear mostly 18/24 month clothes but we're slowly transitioning to all 24 month outfits.  You're just so tall!  You wear a 5.5W-6W size shoe depending on the style. 

Um...little missy, what's up with this look you're giving your Mommy?  Put it away for the next 15 years please, I'm not ready for it!  You look too old!

Your hair is really starting to grow this month.  FINALLY!!  The back is so cute with curls at the bottom, I'll have to get a picture soon of it.  It's the first month we've actually had to start wetting it some mornings to control the bed head.


You're wild and crazy!

But clearly have the best time!


Love you

 Hannah Lee, I think this may have been my favorite month with you!  You are growing so much and learning so quickly that it is just a blast to be around you!  Daddy and I love you SOOOO much and love spending every minute with you!

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