Friday, April 19, 2013

Art Festival

We had a busy weekend around here!  Austin was gone all weekend at a cookoff so Hannah and I were on our own.  When I picked up the munchkin from school they were playing on the playground and her teacher said she had just gotten a splinter in her hand from throwing mulch.  No surprise here....  I wasn't about to attempt to take that thing out on my own so we headed over to Lainey and Pops house for assistance!

Lainey performing surgery in the living room.  It was not an easy task.  It took me holding her tight in my lap and Lainey working as quickly as she could while Pops gave us instructions on what to do.  Every time Hannah hits her hand or thinks about her boo boo she points at it and says "Lainey".  I keep reminding her that Lainey made her hand all better!  I don't think she's buying it....

The next morning we met Lainey and Pops for breakfast!
You talkin' to me??

Happy girl

Drawing us a picture

Hannah and her Pops ready for the art festival!

After breakfast we headed down the road to the art festival.  We got there when they opened so it wasn't too crowded and the weather was perfect!  Hannah was ready for a morning of fun with her super cool upside down shades.

Hannah and Mommy checking out some art on the waterway!

Lainey, Hannah & Mommy

Pops was there too!

We ended the morning at the kids area of the festival.  Hannah found her love of the bongos there.

Heading home with a snack!

We had a busy day so as soon as we got home it was straight to bed for naptime!  After about 30 minutes I checked the monitor to see what Hannah was up to.  She wasn't sleeping....  Here she is sitting up with her entire body covered with what I thought was her blanket.  Creepy!  A few minutes later I noticed her laying down still covered so I went in to check it out.

She was wrapped up in her sleep sack!  She doesn't wear it during naptime so it's usually just laying in the crib and it is now removed from the crib anytime she's napping.  She's one silly girl.

I took the risk and removed it from her head.  She didn't budge.

After naptime we headed up to the cookoff to visit Daddy!  I took zero pics because I was too busy keeping up with a 20 month old but she had lots of fun!  It was a fun and busy weekend!

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