Monday, April 22, 2013

Hannah's Week

Have I ever mentioned here how much I love Hannah's school??  It's SO nice!  I really give them a lot of credit for how advanced she is because she is always learning new things.  I know not all the kids learn the same and some of them you can tell are naturally ahead/behind the others just by being around them for a few minutes but the teachers do such a good job of getting Hannah at least to learn new things!

Last week was "the week of the young child" at Hannah's school.  So basically, it was just a week full of themes for each day and they all talked about each particular theme of the day.  Here was her schedule for the week:
Monday - wear your favorite color day, she had a cute pink shirt so that's her current favorite color  ;)
Tuesday - wear your jammies day, they were so cute in their PJs!
Wednesday - bring your favorite stuffed animal
Thursday - wear silly socks
Friday - parade day and parents come to lunch

I tried to get some pics of the themes but I didn't do a very good job.  Monday morning trying to get a pic of Hannah in her pink shirt was near impossible unless I was physically running after her with my phone.  She was very busy!

Tuesday she looked super cute in her frog jammies.  :)
This was the best pic I could get of the wild girl

Wednesday was a different day.... I had made her a dr appt for Wednesday morning because her eye was red and yucky so we went there in the morning and her dr said she had an eye infection but it was already gone.  I took her up to daycare so I could go to work and they rejected her.  :(  They said she had to be gone for a day since she had discharge out of her eye the day before.  So, we had an impromptu girls day!  She was NOT happy about me dragging her out of her classroom when everyone was so excited about showing off their stuffed animals!  Literally kicking and screaming....that was fun.  We ended up going to the mall for the morning instead and she was happy again!

She got a new pair of shoes and the sales lady gave her a sticker.  Hannah put it on her forehead and it stayed that way until I took it off when we got back in the car which was quite a while later.  She's so silly.  People probably wondered why I was walking around with a sticker on my child's forehead but I didn't care, she liked it there.  

Thursday I didn't get any pics of her silly socks but they were hot pink with frogs on them.  :)

Friday was the fun day!  Before lunch they had a parade and a lot of parents walked over from their offices to see their little ones.  Most of them work here but a few of the other parents came as well to join their kids for lunch after the parade.  Austin was going to meet us for lunch until I called him a few minutes before and told him it probably wasn't a good idea.  The kids were SO excited to have their parents there but it was MELT DOWN CITY when they were leaving.  Every single kid was crying whether they had a reason to or not.  Domino effect!  Ha!  So, when I saw the first few kids crying when their parents left before lunch I took that as a sign that 1. he didn't need to come because she would for sure lose it when he left and 2. I was going to have to sneak out of there and cover my ears from the crying.  I called Austin and left the decision up to him and he was busy and agreed we didn't need a major melt down so he stayed at work.  It ended up being ok with me leaving though because I made sure she was still finishing her lunch so she was distracted. 

They all came outside in their classes according to age with the infants leading the way.  It was so cute!  All the little babies were just laying in the decorated cribs together being wheeled around.  Some were so excited about the parade that they took a nap. 

The bigger infants were really curious about what was going on.  I'm sure they loved those streamers on the crib!

Hannah's class was next!  Here she is leading the toddler class.  She was so funny, she just kept staring around at everyone, probably wondering why all these parents were there taking pics on their morning walk.

The two year old class was behind the toddler class.  A lot of them were dressed in their dress up clothes, they were so cute.  Hannah will be joining them in August!  Crazy.

Hi sissy!

This is what a baby/toddler parade looks like.  I'm actually surprised they could keep them all in a line like that!

Each class had a themed sign.  Hannah's was "embracing diversity", her little hand print is the green one on the bottom.

Parade over!

We went to her class for some reading time before lunch.  Notice how all the kids are sitting down and Hannah was standing up dancing?  Yeah....she listens well when Mommy is around.  ;)


I have no idea what she was plugging her ears for.  She was probably hoping she couldn't hear me saying "Hannah, listen to Ms Dorothy" for the 28th time.

Me and my girl

She had a great week and I'm so grateful for a school that is so good to her!

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