Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bluebonnets 2013

We had a very busy Easter weekend!  After our fun day at the zoo on Friday we hung out the rest of the day and on Saturday morning we headed to a field of bluebonnets near the house.  It was super sunny on Saturday but we still got some pretty good pics of our extremely mobile toddler running around.

Laughing at Daddy


Best family pic we could get.  I've learned that anything is better than nothing and the "perfect family picture" does not exist when you have a toddler!  I'm just super excited we were all looking in the same direction. 

She was much happier being on her own! 

Mama, quit it with the camera! 

Love this sweet girl so much 

Another attempt at the family pic. 

Pretty girl 

Running with her eyes closed.  She's a pro.  ;)

Running with CiCi and Papa C!   

Cute pic! 

We're all smiling here!  Woo hoo!! 


Stephanie said...

Gorgeous family! Yes, I need to give up on the "perfect family photo" too. It's not gonna happen, at least without 100 tries! :)

etphonehome21 said...

You're totally right on the perfect pic, but I think you got AWESOME ones!