Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Bunny

A few weeks before Easter we took Hannah to visit the Easter bunny!  One of the developing neighborhoods down the road from us was hosting an "Easter bunny experience".  They had a photographer there to take pics of your little ones with the big guy, an egg hunt in the backyard and lots of crafts and food.  It was really nice and set up in one of the model homes.  And it was free so that was a plus.

Mommy of course had her camera out right behind the photographer because I'm just that annoying.  ;) 

I took the photographers pics off a website so they aren't that good but you get the idea.  She wasn't scared of him at all but she wasn't impressed with him either...

Um....why am I sitting on this big rabbit Daddy?? 

After visiting the bunny we went out to the backyard to look for some eggs! 

There was a cartoon face on the egg and she kept yelling "Mickey!" 

Wearing her ears hoping to find more eggs that way 


Her faces are so funny 

She had a great morning and cherished her egg like it was the best toy ever!  :)

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