Monday, April 8, 2013

Zoo Trip

I have been waiting what seems like FOREVER to take Hannah to the zoo!  First she was too little and then it was winter time so when CiCi and Papa C said they were coming in town for Easter we knew it was the perfect time for Hannah's first zoo trip!  We got there when they opened at 9am on Good Friday.  I think Austin, Cindy and Mark were thinking I was crazy for planning the day out like I did but by the time we got there I think they figured out there was a method to my madness.  Ha!  We were never crowded and the weather was PERFECT!!  We knew we didn't have that long there because little Miss turns into a pumpkin around lunchtime and needs to eat and go nighty night but surpisingly she lasted for three hours! 

First up was the turtles!

This turtle totally freaked me out!  It's called a snake turtle or something like that.  Check out it's creepy neck!  I HATE snakes and don't even like looking at them in pictures, it gives me the chills so this turtle was totally weird to me. 

Hannah wanting to feed the bird through the glass 

Crawling in between all the fishies! 

Looking back at Mama wondering if I was going to follow her 

Elephants!  We got even closer to the elephants a few minutes later when we got to watch them get a bath. 

Getting a better look at all the tall animals 

We're at the zoo and she was more interested in the planes that flew over every now and then.  Of course.

FYI, this is a giraffe.  I don't know what kind of giraffe but it's in the family.  Looks more like a zebra/donkey to me... 

She wasn't that impressed with the odd looking giraffe 

But she was interested in the stork! 

How weird is this??  This is how this kind of stork sits.  It just perches on it's long legs. 

Hannah, there's a huge komodo dragon behind you!  Oh, you just want to lounge out eating goldfish??  Ok....we'll still take your picture. 

Hannah and her little friend that wanted in the picture.  Super cute, they were about the same age.  Little monkeys 

Monkeys just chillin 

Hannah's face watching the monkeys.  She looked like she was confused why one was picking things off the other.

Papa C and Hannah taking a stroll 

Taking our pic with the giraffe.  She obviously had more important things to do!  This was towards the end of our zoo trip. 

Their faces are the same, I don't know what that giraffe was doing for them both to be staring at it like that. 

Petting zoo! 

She said "Hi sheep!" to every single goat she saw in the petting zoo.  I wasn't going to tell her they were goats since she was so excited about the "sheep".  It was so cute. 

A "real" giraffe.  They were so pretty. 

Lions.  Scary.  And apparently lazy.  Unless a person got in there I'm sure...


Papa was saying "shhh" so Hannah was saying it back to him.  Her face cracks me up. 

We had a great time!  It couldn't have been a more perfect morning to be with all the smelly animals!

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