Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Childrens Museum Day

Ok, this one I can't believe I never blogged about!  I even searched back a few times because I was SURE I blogged about this day!  Oops.  Back in November (this is my last fall post) we went to a local children's museum day at the pavilion near our house.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  All I knew was the time, location and that Doc McStuffins' clinic was going to be there.  That is HUGE in our house!  So we talked all morning about how Hannah was going to meet Doc McStuffins.

She was excited!

As soon as we walked in we went straight back to the Doc McStuffins exhibit and got in the line.  We were one of the firsts families in line and that line got LONG super fast!!  Hannah was so excited! 

And then this happened.  It was our turn and this girl started talking about Hannah's stuffed animal and I asked where the Doc was.  SHE WASN'T THERE!!!!  What?!?!  How can you have a Doc McStuffins clinic with NO Doc McStuffins???  Anyways, Hannah was less than impressed with Doc's "helper" and just silently watched but didn't seem to care that Doc actually wasn't there so at least we didn't have a melt down about it.  I did tell about 10 other moms on the way past the line that the Doc was in fact, not in the clinic and they were happy to get out of that looooong line after that.  Crazy. 

After that we moved on to the petting zoo!  There was SO much to do at the festival!  Hannah pet I think every single animal in the zoo.

Even a donkey!

Then it got too close!  Haha!

There was an obstacle course that she could go through.

It was pretty long and she did great with our coaching.  :)

She got her own doctor hat

And rolled out some dough and made shapes 

Then she got to decorate a cookie! 

Eating the cookie was way more fun than decorating it.  :)

We did some crafts!  She made a pasta necklace and bracelet, a mask, a few Christmas ornaments and some pictures.  There were tons of stations everywhere with fun stuff for her to do.

And of course you can't go to the pavilion without running on the hill!


She sure loves her Daddy!

We got our picture taken for the "newspaper"

She's becoming an old pro at the barrel rides by now!

I figured she could ride on her own but the "train conductor" said maybe I should ride with her so I did.  Good thinking because that guy was speedy!  She loved it.

After a few hours we left the festival and headed across the street for lunch where Hannah enjoyed cleaning herself.  Haha.

And doing a little shopping and bear hugging.  She's so funny.

It was such a fun morning!!  I love taking her places like this and seeing how much fun she has and how excited she gets doing new things. 

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