Friday, January 31, 2014


Ever since January 1st I've been posting everyday on my Instagram account just something we are doing that day.  You can follow me @kelly28a and the hashtag for our everyday pictures is #townsend2014.

I've been trying to decide how I'm going to post these, whether it be weekly or monthly so for now it's monthly!

A few of them I guess got deleted from my photo album so I had to take screen shots of them off Instagram.

Day 1: Happy New Year!

Day 2: Just a little relaxin' while watching Sofia.

Day 3: All signed up for gymnastics class!! Someone's super excited!

Day 4: Trying on leotards!

Day 5: Sunday morning snuggles in the big bed!

Day 6: This girl had the BEST time at her 1st gymnastics class!

Day 7: It's too cold outside!

Day 8: I walked into Hannah's room and she had built this all by herself, she said it was a princess castle!  I'm impressed!

Day 9: Girls night!

Day 10: It's "H" day at school.  We've got Hannah, her H shirt and a hat.  We've got H covered.

Day 11: Painting a pottery princess!

Day 12: Playing with her cousins for 24 hours will wear a girl out!

Day 13: When you don't feel good, you get to watch movies in the big bed.

Day 14: At home with Daddy today!  Hopefully it's the last day of the sickies for this poor baby.

Day 15: Watching some after school Tinkerbell with my girl!

Day 16: Silly faces = feeling better!

Day 17: Playing at the park after school!

Day 18: Look at my pants Mommy, I'm a mermaid!

Day 19: I caught this wild child jumping on her bed.  Maybe she was hopping like a bunny.

Day 20: Mommy, look at my silly face!

Day 21: Dance party!!

Day 22: Someone was extra sleepy this morning.

Day 23: The day her hair looked like this.  Haha.

Day 24: It's cooooold outside!  Delayed start to work means playtime with my girl!

Day 25: The day her Daddy let her walk in the store instead of ride in the cart.

Day 26: Beautiful day for a hike!

Day 27: Fun at gymnastics!

Day 28: Cuddling with my girl on this cold day!

Day 29: Hannah ran up to me and said "Mommy, I'm happy!"

Day 30: "I run like Mommy!"

Day 31: College day at school!  She was excited to wear her Aggie dress.

I post at least once a day on Instagram (obviously) but I usually post 1-2 more times during the day.  I also add hashtags because they're funny and explain the pics better.  :)

Happy Friday!

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