Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve we did what we usually do and went to Aunt Janet's house but it was just pretty low key since Tracy, Ryan and the girls were in Ohio.  It's so hard to believe it was our 2nd Christmas Eve at their house without our Uncle Jeff.  He was definitely missed.

Before we left our house we took a family picture.  All three of us smiling and looking in the same direction!  A Christmas miracle!  Haha.

Hannah passed out on the way to Aunt Janet's.  This is how she chose to wear her sunglasses.  Silly.

Emily and me

Townsend crew

Lainey & Pops with Hannah

Aunt Janet & Em.  Pretty girls!

After dinner we started opening presents which doesn't take too long since there were 8 of us that night!  This girl was constant entertainment!  Here she was with her head in the box that her Rapunzel doll came in.  She's so silly.

She then walked around helping everyone open their gifts.  Once it was open she moved on to the next present.

Is this bow too big??

Letting Ross try it out.

Putting on "makeup" with Emily's new brushes.  She LOVED those brushes!

Pops, Rapunzel has WAY more hair than you do!

This sweet baby couldn't make it home awake.  Poor thing fell asleep in the car 3-4 times in one week!

It was a nice night spent with the family!  Next up, the last Christmas post!

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