Friday, January 10, 2014

Girls Day!

In December we got a real treat, Aunt Tracy, Leah and Haley came to stay the night!  We had big plans for the girls.  These two right here are SO cute!  They can play for hours and they usually just end up following Leah around. 

Saturday morning we had an appointment to go see Santa!  One of my neighbors owns a kids shop in the little local shopping area and every year they have something called Home for the Holidays and all the shops participate.  It's cute and fun and our neighbor's shop had Santa visiting by appointment only so you didn't have to wait!  Shopping and no waiting is awesome in my book.  All the shops are in little houses so you have to go outside in between shops.  It was a COLD morning and there was rain in the forecast but Tracy and I were going to make it to see Santa. 

Hannah was ready in the third row.  Haha.  She's so silly.

Leah and Haley were ready for the big guy!

Hannah....not so much.  She had already seen the REAL Santa a few weeks earlier so this guy was just a weirdo with a beard to her.  ;)

I will not smile Mommy.

If only I had known these cookies were there I guarantee there would have been a BIG smile!

The girls loved their cookies! 

Haley and her silly faces


This picture makes me laugh every single time.  Pops says this picture looks like Haley just passed some gas and Hannah got a whiff of it.  Haha.

Ready to go shopping!  Of course, as soon as we leave the shop the sky falls down on us HARD and COLD!!!  We postponed the shopping until after lunch so we could warm up and get dry.

Haley liked her new panda hat

We had a great time until we made the mistake of two adults taking three little kids into a toy store.  Of course the girls had to get out of their strollers so it was us against them.  They were great until it was time to go and Hannah threw the biggest fit EVER about not wanting to leave the dolls.  It was humiliating and the owner of the store was standing over us like we were going to steal her stuff while I wrestled dolls out of my daughters hands.  Good times.  She almost got her first spanking right there in the toy store.  ;)  Of course, as soon as we left the store she was back to normal and forgot all about the dolls that she just HAD to have.  Toddlers....they're the best. 

This was about five minutes into the 10 minute ride home. 

Haley - DONE

Leah - DONE

Hannah - partying like it's 1999 back in the 3rd row.  Haha.  My child...

It was a fun girls day!

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Stephanie said...

What a fun girls day! I wish I had girls in my life to do things like this with Chloe.