Thursday, January 2, 2014


The day before Thanksgiving Hannah and I met Lainey at the movies to see Frozen!  She was super excited to be at the movies!

We're at the movies Mommy!  Haha. 

It was a GREAT movie (which we've taken Daddy back to see after Christmas) and Hannah's little eyes were glued to the screen the entire time.  She has asked to see it pretty much every day since then.

After seeing the movie we walked over to visit Santa! This was the look she was giving. 

She was like, I'm not going to smile.  Or talk to this strange man.

Ok, maybe I'll talk a little...

Then we said "Hannah, do you want a cookie?!" and JACKPOT!!  We got our picture!  I think it's the cutest Santa picture ever.  :)

After seeing Santa we went to lunch and she got her cookie of course!  And some kisses from Lainey.

Happy girls!

Here are the past Santa pics.

2011 (I'm sure this will always remain one of my all time favorites)

2012 - so serious!

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