Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Y'all, I'm SO far behind on blogging that I'm having a hard time catching up!  It's one of those situations where you have such a long list that you kind of want to just throw it away and start over.  But I'm doing my best to catch up because I don't want to miss documenting all our memories.  In the 4.5 years of blogging I've never gotten this far behind!  Part of the reason is technical difficulties.  When I'm on my work computer for some reason my pictures have a hard time uploading and on my home laptop it's just so slow that I get frustrated!  I use my iPad 99.9% of the time at home and I don't really know of a quick and easy way to get a post loaded on that so if anyone has any iPad uploading suggestions let me know!

So anyways, on to the post!  Back in September I made a Fall Bucket list of fun stuff for us to do while the weather was nice.  As we completed the activity I would mark it off and it stayed on our fridge all season.  One of the reasons I wanted to make a Fall Bucket List this year is I LOVE doing little crafts with Hannah and I try once a weekend for us to do something fun together instead of getting in a boring routine of chores, errands and staying inside.  We like to go on "hikes" which are really walks near the woods with Daddy as our guide, and do easy and fun stuff near the house.  Most of which is free which is a bonus!

Here's our list!

We visited a pumpkin patch and corn maze!  That was such a fun morning and we will continue with that tradition each year.

We carved a Minnie Mouse pumpkin for the porch.  Hannah was SO proud!

We took family pictures!

We all went to the Texas A&M vs Vanderbilt game

We made a fall treat!  Hannah had so much fun helping Mommy make the cake.

I stir Mommy!

Yummy!  You gotta have a little taste!

Our finished product that this girl couldn't wait to eat!  Pumpkin spice bundt cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing.  It was GOOD (even if it was gluten free)!

We went to a fall festival at the church!

And another fun fall festival at the Hocus Pocus night at the pavilion!

My absolute favorite things to do with Hannah, crafts!  I love making things to keep for years to come.  :)  Hannah LOVES painting and making hand/foot print anything.  It takes all 3 of us for the foot/hand prints and then Mommy takes over the painting part.  I love how this plate turned out.  Footprint witches! 

After Halloween we had lots of pumpkins around the house so Hannah painted them!

I think this is my favorite handprint ever.  She did this at school but I had to include it.  It makes me laugh every time I see it!  Our little turkey.

We did another handprint at home for Thanksgiving!

Hannah went trick or treating!  Brody even came along!  Our cute little pirates.

We had a great and busy fall!!  I have one more fall related post and then I'll be in December!  Woo hoo! 

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