Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sparkles & Spirits

A few weeks before Christmas our friends had a "Sparkles & Spirits" party.  The girls were instructed to wear sparkles and the guys were told to wear either a smoking jacket or an ugly Christmas sweater.  So, in the Townsend house when you tell us to dress a certain theme, we don't disappoint!  Haha.  You want sparkles?  You get sparkles! 

Here I was at the nail salon that morning getting my sparkle on.  It was ridiculously tacky and perfect for the party!

Do you think there are enough sparkles on my dress?  I found some bright red tights at a store too and thought they were perfect and festive!  I don't think I've worn red tights since I was 8.  I probably won't be wearing them again either...

We dropped Hannah off for the night at Lainey and Pops house and got a picture.  You can't tell here but Austin's wearing a forest green velvet smoking jacket with velvet pants and a bow tie.  We're classy like that. 

My "I don't know how to pose for a picture on my own" pose.  :)

Enter the "spirits" portion of the party!  We were told to bring our favorite wine to enter into the wine tasting and I even got our wine in the holiday spirit by putting an ugly Christmas sweater on it!  I'm telling you, Austin and I take themes very seriously!  ;)

Oh Lunchbox.  He had a full beard until 30 mins before this party started.  Then he shaved it for a fabulous mustache to go with his turtleneck and smoking jacket.

Jenny with her ugly sweater she made.  Baby M in there made Rudolph's nose look even bigger! 

That's all the pictures I got!  I only had my phone and just was having too much fun to take pictures of everyone.  Oops.  But it was a great night!! 


Anonymous said...

You guys looked absolutely fantastic. If there had been a prize for best looking couple you would have won.


Chani said...

So, so fun!! You looked great! By the way, I totally don't know how to pose by myself either. ;-) Ha!

etphonehome21 said...

You look awesome in those red tights!!!