Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Trip to the Dentist

Hannah had her first visit to the dentist in December!  We talked about it for a few days and I told her she would be laying down and the dentist would be sticking tools in her mouth and she just needed to open her mouth real big and she'd get a treat after! 

All ready to head to the dentist!  She was so excited!

I was super impressed with the dentist office.  It had SO much fun stuff for her to do!  We didn't even get the chance to play with it all because they had her back so quickly. 

Brushing the big teeth

One of the many balloon art displays around the office.  I thought she'd be so excited to see a minion but nope, she was too distracted with something else she saw.

Waiting to see the dentist.  She loves trains, who knew.

We met Dr Kim the dentist and she told me (I was sitting on a bench) that I could just have Hannah straddle me and we'll lay her down with her head on Dr Kim's lap to get examined.  I asked why she wouldn't just lay on the exam chair and she said most two year olds freak out.  I said, she'll be fine, let's give it a try.  That's one thing about this girl, she is NOT afraid of doctors.  She's so brave!

She did PERFECT!!!  All of the staff (including Dr Kim) were super impressed with our girl.  I was so proud.  :)

Showing me her pearly whites!

She got her first taste of a lollipop!  I laughed so hard because she had no idea what to do with it, she just tried to bite into it.  She knows now. :)

She's such a big girl!


Weston Wadlington said...

It's so adorable that Hannah was dressed like an angel for her first trip to the dentist. No wonder the dentist loved having her as a patient. Anyway, she is so brave. I bet you are so proud of her for the way she handled that trip. Glad to know the results are positive, Kelly. Kudos to you for a great job! All the best! :)

Weston Wadlington @ Peak Family Dentistry

Bernard Fox said...

I've never seen a dentist's office as child-friendly as that one. I'm sure that was one of the reasons why Hannah was so calm during the whole trip. Also, the fact that you were there supporting her all throughout gave her a boost of confidence. I'm sure she'll be having more successful trips to the dentist in the future, Kelly. All the best! :)

Bernard Fox @ Dental Care California