Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Georgetown Lights

Kicking off the Christmas season we loaded up and took a road trip to Georgetown to visit Papa and CiCi!  Hannah was, as usual, awesome on the drive.  Here she is reading her first American Girl magazine.  She loves playing with mine and Aunt Rachel's old AG dolls!   

Georgetown is the neatest little town and to kick off the holidays they have a lighting of the square.  We went last year also and it's just a lot of fun. 

So happy to be with her Papa and CiCi!

We stopped to take a picture in front of this old building.

Hannah was excited to see cowboy Santa! 

She even posed like him!

And she's OFF!!!  The grounds surrounding the courthouse are perfect for kids to run around!  And Papa too.

Waiting for the town to light up!

Best picture I could get with the courthouse behind us.  Our little rascal was ready for dinner!

We spent all weekend playing with Papa and CiCi.  Hannah was introduced to The Princess and the Frog that weekend!  She loves Tiana now!

The funniest video ever!  I don't even know how this got started but we were finishing up dinner and Hannah and Papa just started "talking" to each other.  SOOOOO funny! 

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