Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas #2

We got back in town from visiting the Valley, unpacked, got dressed and ready and headed over to Lainey and Pops house for our side of the family Christmas celebration!  Tracy, Ryan and the girls were heading to Ohio the next day so we had an early celebration on Sunday afternoon. 

When we got there I said "Whoa.  We got too many presents!"

That tends to happen when there are kids running around and so much cute stuff to buy them.  ;)

These little cuties were so excited to open their presents!

Raise your hand if you want to open presents!!  Hannah must have REALLY wanted to open some presents since she raised both hands.

This picture says it all.  Leah does something and these two admire. 

The present opening begins!  We used to open presents one at a time in our family so everyone could see what each of us got.  Then the munchkins arrived.....  It's just chaos now.  Hannah was super excited about her Rapunzel doll and dress from Aunt Tracy, Uncle Ryan and the girls.  Of course she wanted to wear the dress right away!

Oh my silly daughter.

Haley was excited about the tricycle we got her!  There is a HILARIOUS video we took of Lainey riding that bike around the house with the girls screaming and running after her but she probably wouldn't want me to post that on the internet.  Priceless.  Trust me.

Hannah LOVED (and still plays with it every day) her princess castle from Lainey and Pops.

Tracy's fam and my fam both took family pictures this fall (separately) and decided to get them framed together for our parents.  We gave them each a pic of the girls.

And also a family pic from each of us. 

After all the present excitement and yummy dinner that Pops made we put the girls in their Christmas jammies.  Every year since I can remember my mom has given us Christmas pjs and that's the only gift we get to open from our parents on Christmas Eve.  So, we got our jammies a few days early and the girls looked so cute!

Love them!  Hannah is so lucky to have such sweet cousins!

Lainey wanted a pic with her girls.  This is pretty much how the next three minutes went.

Two out of three girls kind of smiling isn't bad!  One looking like she was O-V-E-R it all....  Oh Hannah.  In her defense, she had a VERY long day!

Again, two of the three girls smiling.  One making a pirate face.  Sigh.

Aaaaaand we're done.  Hahaha.

She loves her Lainey!

And Pops!  Even if she doesn't look like it here.  This little elf was TIRED!

For the second night in a row she fell asleep in the car.  Sorry baby girl!  She didn't even make it five mins this time.

I'm halfway done posting about Christmas!!  Only a month behind...

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